la dolce lingua

lezioni di lingua e cultura italiana
lessons in Italian language and culture

Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita.
A different language is a different version of life.

(Federico Fellini)



After nearly 15 years of teaching Italian, I am firmly convinced that anyone can become a confident user of a second language… Even better if that second language is Italian.

I have started teaching languages whilst still studying for my environmental science degree and I have never looked back. Teaching Italian has become an amazing journey of discovery of my own language, culture and identity. An opportunity to meet people, to communicate, to exchange ideas, to challenge my views, to grow. Teaching languages is a rewarding and challenging enterprise.

Over the years I have taught a wide range of classes from total beginners to “A” level; for adult education as well as schools.

I am now starting my private classes, offering fun, holistic approaches to learning Italian.

Regardless of whether you only know the names of your favourite Italian dishes and drinks, or you have been studying Italian for a long time, in my classes you will find a relaxed friendly atmosphere where you can discover, learn and consolidate Italian at your own pace. The variety of teaching strategies will enable you to use the language from your first lesson. You will explore topics that matter to you and will be asked to decide some of the themes to be included in your course.

It is my aspiration to offer you a wide range of experiences aimed at increasing your opportunities to use your Italian and meet people equally passionate about everything that contributes to the charm of the Bel Paese and its Dolce Vita: classes range from beginners “Salve! Holiday Italian” to more advanced Caffè Italia – Italian conversation and culture”, I also offer to learn and use the language, through variety of social events, such as “Read Italian”, “Speak, Cook, Eat Italian!”, “Italian through…” cinema, music and art, “Walk and talk Italian”, “Gita fuori porta” Italian weekends in the North-East, as well as week long “Esplora!” Study holidays in Italy.

Imparate una nuova lingua e avrete una nuova anima.
Learn a new language and get a new soul.

(Proverbio Ceco)

Grammatica italiana

In spite of the terrifying title, this is a very relaxed, flexible, enjoyable course where the participants explore the intricacies and curiosities found in the vast Italian grammar.

Salve! Holiday Italian

From absolute beginners to pre-intermediate
These are courses designed for those taking the first steps into the Italian language and culture.

Caffè Italia – Italian conversation and culture

From Intermediate to Advanced, these are very relaxed, flexible, enjoyable courses where the participants decide on content and topics for discussion.

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